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Stop Risking Your Health And Environment Every Time You Clean Your Carpet

You probably just noticed that your carpet urgently needs a cleanse. You could do it yourself, but all the products available in the supermarket contain just too many chemicals that can eventually cause major health problems or even damage your carpet. No reason to panic. What you need is to reach out to a professional carpet cleaning service that uses eco-friendly products and methods to clean your carpets. 

Here we explain the top 4 benefits of choosing an eco-friendly residential carpet cleaning service in Simi Valley.

Having a Healthy Home

Traditional carpet cleaning products contain chemicals that threaten human health, especially if you live with children, elders, and pets who have respiratory problems. Better Carpet Clean is committed to improving its customers’ quality of life, offering carpet cleaning services in Simi Valley that reduce exposure to harmful chemicals by using 100% organic and eco-friendly products.

Less pollution

It turns out that cleaning your carpet with traditional cleaning methods can be just as contaminating as littering. The toxic chemicals used by most carpet cleaning services in Simi Valley can result in pollution and long-term environmental damage. 

Environmentally responsible and sustainable products are Better Carpet Clean’s number 1 choice when it comes to keeping your carpets clean while reducing air and water pollution caused by most traditional products.

Diminish Water And Energy Consumption

Eco-Friendly carpet cleaning methods require less water and energy consumption than traditional methods. Better Carpet Clean’s method reduces the volume of solid waste. This lessens the amount of water and energy needed to perform a complete cleaning of your carpets, and the results are just as great.

Your Carpet Will Last Longer

Constant tears and loose fibers have become a constant carpet nightmare? Better Carpet Clean’s eco-friendly method promises not to damage the fibers of your carpets during the stain and odor removal process, which helps improve the strength, durability, and beauty of your carpet, preserving it for a long time.

Are You Committed To Protecting Your Environment And Your Carpets?

We are too! Since day one, Better Carpet Clean has provided professional, caring, and green residential carpet cleaning services in Simi Valley designed to keep your environment clean, healthy, and sustainable, treating every home as our own.

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