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Better Carpet Clean vs. Water Damaged Carpets: The Final Battle in Simi Valley

Don’t get rid of your water-damaged carpet just yet! It may seem like there is no possible way of restoring your beautiful carpet from that terrible water damage emergency you had recently. However, hope is not lost yet. Carpets are stronger than you think. Their thick and heavy fibers make them less susceptible to damage easily, and with the proper cleaning and treatment, you can have your water-damaged carpet completely restored.

At Better Carpet Clean we specialize in all kinds of water damage repair in Simi Valley, including the complete restoration of damaged carpeted floors, rugs, and mats. Our water damage restoration services in Simi Valley will allow you to hold on to your favorite carpet for a little longer through an eco-friendly method and products. 



Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned Or Do It Yourself?

Removing all your furniture from your house to dry out your carpet certainly sounds like a long and tiring task. No need to worry! Better Carpet Clean and our team of experienced and trained technicians for water damage repair in Simi Valley will do it for you.

We are aware that there are many existing DIY articles and videos out there for drying and cleaning your carpet; however, without the correct equipment and materials, you might end up damaging it. For sure, no one wants to spend hours doing something that, in the end, you’ll have to throw away.


Play it safe with Better Carpet Clean!

In less than two hours, your carpet will be as dry as if no water damage ever happened, then our team proceeds to restore your carpet by removing any stains, odor, or dirt left behind, leaving it clean and allergen-free. 

Why Is It Better To Have Your Water Damaged Carpet Cleaned By Us?

For the past seven years, Better Carpet Clean has built a reputation on our professional and eco-friendly services, always prioritizing our customers’ well-being in the methods and products we use for every one of our processes.

Our water damage restoration services in Simi Valley include just what you and your carpet needs:

  • Use of professional equipment
  • Use of eco-friendly products
  • Begin to see results in less than 2 hours
  • A team of experienced technicians

Don’t give up on your carpet just yet!  

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