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Hardwood floors, they’re simply beautiful and always a great addition to any home. However, they’re easy to damage if not cared for properly. If you tend to clean your flooring regularly, you’ll want to follow some tips to ensure you do it right. 

Keep reading to learn more about the cleaning products you should avoid when taking care of your hardwood floors. 


Ammonia is a chemical that has many uses around the house when it comes to cleaning. However, it should never, and we repeat, never be used on hardwood floors. Using ammonia can damage the surface of the flooring and the lignin in the wood. 


While minimal amounts of diluted oil on hardwood floors is generally okay to use, using too much oil can cause problems. It’ll make the floors extremely slippery and is not very easy to remove. Try testing a small area on the wood and see how slippery it gets; this will help you understand the suitable quantity for your floors. 

Glass Cleaner 

Products such as Windex are a big no-no; they are not ideal for wood floors, given they are formulated with abrasive ingredients like ammonia. Using products like Windex will cause damage to the floors over time and leave noticeable marks. A better option to use is pine-sol diluted with water sprayed onto the floors and wiped clean with a microfiber cloth. 

Wet Mops

With hardwood floors, it’s important to understand that less is more, especially when using water. When you use a mop that’s very wet, it can ruin the finishing of the wood and cause damage. The best way to clean is to lightly damp a mop and wipe away any excess water to avoid causing any damage. 

Steam Cleaners 

Though steam cleaners may seem like they do a good job making your floors look immaculate, they actually should not be used on hardwood floors. Due to the porous nature of wood, moisture is easily absorbed, leaving excess water and heat on the floors. 

With long-term use, there will be cupping and long-term damage. Using a microfiber mop is a much better option instead. 

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Now that you know what to avoid when taking care of your hardwood floors at home, it’s important to enlist hardwood floor cleaning services in Simi Valley to ensure your floors remain in the best of shape at all times. At Better Carpet Clean, we are a proudly family-owned business offering residential cleaning services. 

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