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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Simi Valley, CA

Our businesses are our second home, and nothing is more relaxing than hiring a professional cleaning service that will finish the work rapidly and ensure the quality of clean carpets in our offices. 

At Better Carpet Clean you can find cleaning solutions for office spaces. We will be your ally to help maintain, repair, or clean your business floors and carpets. 


Understanding Commercial Carpets Needs

Businesses have to hire a service that will understand the needs that the floors and carpets have in every office.  

At Better Carpet Clean these are some of the things that we consider before starting or choosing any cleaning supplies to work in a company. 

  • The age of the floor and carpet
  • Amount of foot traffic
  • Is your business pet friendly? 
  • Do customers bring children?

Commercial Buildings Should Ensure Security 

Our professional carpet cleaning services and team have all necessary insurance and licenses, certified by the state of California. As businesses constitute a significant place to work due to the type of furniture and a large number of intermediary people in the process, we ensure to offer the best possible methods and cleaners. 

Better Carpet Clean as a commercial carpet cleaning company ensures maintenance for the best workplace conditions . We provide insurance for any other floor or carpet issue in the future.. We will treat your company as it was ours. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Employees 

When hiring professional cleaning service, it requires more than two people working to get the work done especially if it’s commercial cleaning. This is due to the fact that some companies may still be working during our cleaning process. That is why we count with professionals that have been working with us since the  beginning and that have demonstrated values, and ethics always. 

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We will treat your business as ours, and we’ll take care of every floor and carpet. 

  • We are distinguished by our professionalism. 
  • We will provide you with the best options to maintain your carpets clean 
  • With our seven years of experience in the market plus the insurance we offer you’ll feel at ease when you see the finished work. 

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