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Grout, as any person who has spent hours scrubbing their kitchen floor knows, can be a real pain to remove. One of the most vulnerable areas to soiling in your home is the material that fills the spaces between your floor, shower, or backsplash tiles, and it might make or break a room’s visual cleanliness.


Tile floors and walls typically include grout lines that bind the tiles together. The majority of this grout consists of a mélange of cement, water, and sand, all of which are fairly permeable materials. Grout may be difficult to clean even after it has been sealed.


Certainly, tile and grout cleaning in Simi Valley can be a tough job, but what’s the reason?


Why Is Grout So Dirty?


Grout is set at a somewhat lower level, rather than even with the tile, allowing debris to accumulate inconvenient little concavities.


For example, this might be soapy scum on the walls or floor of your shower, skin flakes, and even mold due to particles from general bathroom usage and moisture accumulation.


It’s more likely to be garden-variety floor dirt tracked in on your shoes or dropped while preparing food on the ground. Residue from cleaning chemicals can also accumulate if certain cleaning methods produce tiny puddles in those dimly lit grout lines.


These problems can affect any type of grout, whether sealed or unsealed. However, if your grout is unsealed, it will be more prone to accumulation. Seal it both to make cleaning easier and to encourage less frequent maintenance.


How to Get Rid of the Dirt?


There are some methods to clean your tiles.


  • Mop frequently. You’ve seen this before. Fill a pail with water and some sort of cleaning solution, dunk your mop in, and spread the liquid over the floor, continually rinsing both the floor and the mop.


 The major drawback of this approach is that you’re just spreading dirty water and soap around most of the time. When the liquid evaporates, it leaves dirty water in low areas—between tiles’ grout lines. Soap and soil will build up on tiles unless you spend much time rinsing after each mopping session.


  • Place the steam mop on the floor. Your floor may still be damp following this procedure, owing to puddling in the grout lines. It doesn’t go down into the grout and can still leave a residue on your floor if you need to use a chemical cleaning solution beyond just water.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Simi Valley

The carpets in your home are not the only things that need cleaning. Tile and grout can also become dirty, which is why they should be cleaned periodically to maintain their appearance. 

Better carpet clean is proud of its service. It is highly recommended by several Simi Valley residents who have experienced our work! We’re confident we’ll do a fantastic job with any size project.

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