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You may have gotten your carpet from a relative’s trip to Europe or from a small store you love to purchase from in your hometown; still, most carpets’ lifespan is 10-15 years, no matter how much you take care of its condition. Over time the carpet will deteriorate, and this will lead to choosing a replacement.

But, if you have been taking proper care of your item, how can you notice when it has to be replaced? In this piece, we will talk about common signs your carpet needs to be replaced soon that have been proven; keep reading!


Is It Time To Replace Your Carpet? Here Are 4 Signs To Look Up To

Carpet cleaning services in Simi Valley help a lot when preventing or repairing carpet damages. Still, there are some factors a cleaning won’t solve that may lead to a carpet replacement. Below are 4 of the most usual signs your carpet needs to be replaced as soon as possible:


Stains Persist

If you hired carpet cleaning services in Simi Valley because there were some stains in your carpet and by the end of the washing process, they are still there no matter the good quality of the service or products used; it may be time to start thinking about purchasing a new carpet.


Bad Odors Don’t Dissipate

With this, your carpet may not be guilty but the one that suffered collateral damage. Suppose you notice that the residential carpet cleaning services in Simi Valley  that you are used to hiring aren’t helping to get rid of bad odors. In that case, it is not their fault either.

The odor may be coming from the padding or floor beneath the carpet because of water or mold issues; now, this will lead you to spend in house repairs and carpet repair or replacement.

Get in touch with a company that does carpet repairs in Simi Valley to evaluate if you will need to get rid of your carpet or if it still can be saved.


The Damage Is Visible

We walk daily on top of our carpets. We may not have moved our furniture in months or years; maybe we have pets running and scrapping around; when visible, you will notice the carpet’s damage.

Again, you can try to hire a company that offers carpet repairs in Simi Valley firstly to know if it is recoverable. However, if not, replacement is needed.


The Carpet’s Age

A carpet’s lifespan varies between 10 to 15 years; obviously, the way you took care of it in those years influences a lot in how you are going to replace it because; it is not the same a replacement for aesthetics than a forced replacement because something irreparably damaged the carpet.

Over time our carpet can suffer from many little accidents that will affect it in the long run; also, overwashing it because it is constantly being stained from food or drinks will decrease the quality of the fabric.

A carpet’s age will tell you for how long it can keep looking decent before you start noticing small issues, so beware of that even more if you own an older house that did not have a carpet replacement when you got it.

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Better Carpet Clean is your best choice for carpet issues. Although, we do not specialize only in residential carpet cleaning services. Better Carpet Clean has been offering carpet repairs & replacements services to the people of  Simi Valley proudly for many years now.

If you are looking for an expert’s opinion, we will assist you in any doubt you may have. Whether your carpet was burnt by accident, is bulked up from sliding furniture, or you need a stain removal — we got you.

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