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Upholstery Cleaning Services in Simi Valley, CA

Have you thought about cleaning your furniture lately? When was the last time you got your sofas cleaned? Nowadays, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we must take care of possible viruses or dirt trapped in our furniture and carpets in our home. 

To keep your house as clean as possible, you should start looking for upholstery cleaning services. In Simi Valley, Better Carpet Clean offers you the best services to stay clean and healthy!


What To Keep In Mind For Residential Furniture Cleaning

Get to know some of the most relevant things people look for when it comes to furniture cleaning and how Better Carpet Clean fulfills their needs: 

The Variety Of Fabrics

In your house, you could find different types of materials on your furniture, such as: 

  • Leather 
  • Cotton 
  • Fiber 
  • Wool 

At Better Carpet Clean, we recommend that you opt for processes, cleaners, or chemicals according to your furniture’s different types of fabric. Our team is experienced enough to test our cleaning supplies on a small section of your furniture to ensure that the color or texture on the furniture will not be damaged.

Pricing Options 

When it comes to residential cleanings, it is common to find different price ranges. We provide our customers with budget-friendly options depending on the service they require. They could ask for furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning, or even carpet repair without worrying about outrageous pricing. 

Quality Results 

Within all our services, we have people recommending us for our excellence, and our personalized and caring service. We aim to deliver excellence and obtain references that you could find on our website, which won’t make you hesitate in your choice of working with us.

Renew your furniture With Better Carpet Clean

Better Carpet Clean, we’re a company with seven years of experience, highly recommended professionals will take care of your furniture as it were ours. We will not only do our work, but we will be extra careful and ensure that the final results meet your expectations.

The cleaners we use will highly depend on the fiber of the furniture, and we offer you affordable prices that will come with outstanding results. You will not even recognize your furniture, as every piece will be renewed with us!

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