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Repair & Restore: Water Damage Repairs In Simi Valley

Is the mold stain on your floor getting bigger and bigger? Are your floor tiles so lifted that you can no longer hide them under a rug? These are common signs of water damage.

Approximately 14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency every day. Whether it’s at home or work, at Better Carpet Clean, we’ve got you covered. Our team of technicians is certified to perform any kind of water damage repair in Simi Valley. Starting with the complete water, mold, and odor removal process and working towards the full water damage restoration of Simi Valley’s residences.



Why Hire A Professional To Repair Water Damage

 If not treated by a professional, water damage can result in:

  • Humidity spreading throughout other parts of the floor
  • Health problems due to the mold growth
  • An unstable structure of the building
  • Destruction of valuable and irreplaceable object

Better Carpet Clean and our team of trained technicians offer the best water damage repair services in Simi Valley, including:

  • Assessment and inspection of the structure to determine how much damage was done
  • Complete removal of any standing water, mold, and odors
  • With our high tech drying equipment, we make sure no moist spots are left behind
  • By establishing a perfect drying objective, daily we monitor the status and progress of your floor materials

We are a family-owned company. For the past seven years, we have been recognized for our personalized and eco-friendly services committed to high standards and quality industry standards in Simi Valley. Our mission is to provide you with the best cleaning services using methods and products that are environmentally responsible and sustainable and give out amazing results.

Your Floor Could Not Be In Better Hands!

Are you looking for a water damage restoration company in Simi Valley? Better Carpet Clean is known around the area for being a trustworthy top-notch company. We ensure the well-being of your family and work team using quality equipment and materials handled by highly qualified experts. No more stressing out! 

Once we are done, your work or home environment will end up looking like no damage ever happened.

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